Our update, and review on the Budget Meeting today: Not what our community deserves.

Please see our official press release in response to the Budget. 

An excellent breakdown and summation of what it means to be only funded at $53million, by Herald Reporter, Doug Hanks:

The Governmental Affairs Counselors, run by the Jorge Luis Lopez Law Firm, has rolled out a Facebook Page App that will easily send a message to Mayor Gimenez and your District Commissioner! 

All you have to do is click on this link, and "1 Advocacy Campaign", then fill out form and send your message to FULLY FUND our Libraries! 



We are very proud to announce our formation as a Political Action Committee in Miami-Dade County.
See our press release here.


Our Mission

CALM, Community Advocates for Libraries in Miami: A Political Action Committee and open group for all supporters of the Miami-Dade Public Library System. 

Our Mission is to be the collective proponents of full-funding for our Libraries so that they may be maintained and improved upon for the years to come.  

49 library branches plus 2 bookmobiles serve the entire Miami-Dade County, and welcome all visitors through their doors--including over 7 million in 2012. 

It is the belief of CALM that the Miami-Dade Public Libraries are not simply a hub of information and technology; our Libraries are the heart of our community, and our staff are the heart within them. Our Libraries provide access to culture, recreation, education, and encourage lifelong learning in all people. 

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Community Advocates for Libraries in Miami
CALM is a Political Action Committee to support maintaining & improving the Miami-Dade Public Library System. This page will be used for the dissemination of information on how to join our efforts, and how to have your voice heard by Elected Officials.