An explanation of our taxes...

To tell our community that what is needed to fund our libraries is an increase in taxes may be a bit daunting... but what if you told them it was only a few cents per every $1,000 of assessed property value?



Over the course of the Save the Miami-Dade Public Libraries campaign, alongside our fellow public services, the Fire Department and the Pets Trust, a TRIM notice and millage was repeatedly talked about.

We needed an increase in the millage prior to the TRIM notices being mailed out -- but what does that really mean? How are our taxes divided between our services?

This Miami Herald article provides an explanation into the jargon that may confuse and deter people from offering support when they hear an increase in taxes is needed. 

Our library mills have been decreased drastically over the past three years -- to the point where it is drastically underfunded. 

Lets tell our elected officials that we know the worth of our libraries! 


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