Proposed Charter 7 Amendment Town Hall @ NDR

Tonight's town hall regarding the Charter 7 amendment had few in attendance at North Dade Regional, yet those who spoke were mighty.

We've gleaned some interesting, and cringe-worthy points from the meeting:

--This a "cost-saving" measure proposed by Commissioner Bovo
--Retrofitting the buildings within the parks to be libraries will be **pulled from library budget.**
--The commissioner's staff may have no idea how much the leases cost -- but unless its West Kendall Regional, and Main, the leases are minimal. The two targeted branches to move to a park last year cost:

$79,5K Palm Springs North Library
$30K Tamiami Library

--It does not seem that they have considered the legal repercussions of moving a library to a park with our Library's special taxing district, which dictates that Library funding cannot be used for anything else other than Libraries!
--Operating costs for the branches will be funded by the savings on leases. However, because they do not know how much they'll really save on leases, they are not sure how much services will be cut.

Finally, one of our Community Advocates and dedicated library employee, Candice, addressed the staff, and noted that though the missions of the Parks and Libraries may be complementary, they are certainly not the same in providing service to our community. But, "...If you were just looking to save money, would you put a museum in a park?"

They did not have an answer.

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