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From winning the FY'14-15 to now...


The "Second" Final Budget Meeting had probably been the quickest vote ever on a Budget!

Item H much like the rest of the items on the agenda, passes for a library millage of .284, without drama.

9-3 vote, with Commissioner Zapata, Commissioner Diaz and Commissioner Bovo voting against. Newly elected Commissioner Levine - Cava votes yes for Libraries.

Thanks to all!


County Commission will hold a third budget meeting for FY'14-'15.

According to the Herald,  due to an advertising error, the BCC must reconvene, with public hearing and all, to reapprove a budget that has already been set into motion for a month and a half -- a budget that ultimately includes the Library District.

Though we see this meeting as ultimately a formality, and that BCC can re-approve the budget swiftly and quickly, Budget Meetings are never non-contentious -- not when three Unions have yet to finalize contracts, and when there yet remained opposition to a higher Library tax. 

Hundreds of thousands have already been spent to improve the resources that MDPLS to offer --  streaming video such as Hoopla, and free K-12 tutoring from, to name just the more recent ones -- any deductions to funding now would be devastating.

The Budget Hearing may take place on Thursday, December 4th.

We will keep you updated.

Be ready to once again stand at County Hall.

Until then, write/call your commissioners, and tell them to keep the Library budget as they approved in September!


From out of nowhere, GREAT people gather when they realize that a social issue must become a priority or it will be squashed. 

And thus, grassroots efforts take off!

Check out the report from #100greatideas, all started by one of Miami Herald's top 20 under 40, Rebecca Fishman Lipsey, of Radical Partners!

Don't forget to check out all the new electronic resources that MDPLS is offering with the slightly increased budget for this fiscal year!


Our fight for funding has been a success! Celebrate the new Fiscal Year and all that we have stood together for!

A community conversation has convened on the #futureoflibraries and how we can make them even better than ever! Remember -- they are OUR libraries after all! 

Have an idea? This will only last from October 1 - 10 so jump in on the talks!

Library advocacy doesn't start and end with funding -- it is a continuous process to improve and fight for what elected officials now know is an integral resource to us-- the people!



Thanks to you, Commissioners voted for the increased library budget: .284 mills to generate an estimated $53million. 

9 - 4, we are Veto-proof. 

Via the Miami Herald: an overview of yesterday's events. 

"During the public hearing, library patrons and workers called for additional funding to add services, though libraries did not face the budget threat they confronted last year — thanks to a higher tax rate commissioners endorsed in July."




The first Board of County Commissioners Meeting concerning our County Budget -- 

We'll be speaking for Item H: Ordinance #141907!

Wear your white CALM t-shirt or teal Coalition t-shirt -- and we'll see you there!

RSVP to let us know you'll be there! 



TRIM Notices are out in the mail -- please feel free to send us a picture of your proposed property taxes to show us how much of a BARGAIN your Library services are!

This property owner's current taxable value went up for this fiscal year as the property appraiser had said it would, but saw an overall decrease due to Homestead Tax Exemption.

Should our Commissioners pass the .284 millage rate they voted in July, for their library service for the entire year, she'll be paying $14.34. 




In August, Miami-Dade County will hold Townhall meetings in libraries on the County-wide Budget.

Any opportunity to make a stand for libraries is a good one. 


We may not have gained the budget we needed to make improvements to our Library, yet, we must fight for every iota gained in July to avoid further cuts in FY2014-2015.

See the Town hall dates here. 



Mayor Gimenez has announced that he will not veto the set millage cap and tax increased proposed by our Commissioners on July 15. 

Libraries once again stand the chance of operating at status-quo for FY2014-2015.

See our response here. 




Our update, and review on the Budget Meeting today: Not what our community deserves.

Please see our official press release in response to the Budget. 

An excellent breakdown and summation of what it means to be only funded at $53million, by Herald Reporter, Doug Hanks:

The Governmental Affairs Counselors, run by the Jorge Luis Lopez Law Firm, has rolled out a Facebook Page App that will easily send a message to Mayor Gimenez and your District Commissioner! 

All you have to do is click on this link, and "1 Advocacy Campaign", then fill out form and send your message to FULLY FUND our Libraries! 


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