Candidate Endorsements for August 30 Primary

Commissioner endorsements

In the August 30 primary, based on their previous voting record for libraries during contentious budget years - Community Advocates for Libraries in Miami endorses:


District 7: Commissioner Xavier Suarez (incumbent)

District 3: Commissioner Audrey Edmonson (incumbent)

District 10: Commissioner Dennis Moss (incumbent)


We are currently awaiting responses from the current candidates for District 11 on their position of library funding before providing an endorsement. 

Please be advised for all District 11 (unincorporated West Kendall) voters, a vote cast for Commissioner Zapata will not count, as he has dropped out of the running.  

Commissioners Bovo, Jordan, and Barreiro will run uncontested for their seats. 


Mayoral endorsements 


We are withholding an endorsement for a Mayoral candidate at this time. However, we currently support the Mayor’s proposed budget for fiscal year ’16 - ’17, as the flat millage rate is balanced out by an increase in property value.



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News Archive, 7/2014 - 3/2015

From winning the FY'14-15 to now...

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Less than a week to go.

It’s been a long year – but do not let your fighting spirit escape you yet. 

How did we get here?

It’s been nearly a year, and this photo still resonates within me –


When our Mayor said – and rather unwisely – “…The age of the library isending,” and threatened to close nearly half of our library system and lay off over half of our library staff, it sparked a reaction that ultimately lead to this photo – an unprecedented event. A night that numerous elected officials and staffers had said it was the most impressive campaign put on by the people they had ever seen. 
We had saved our libraries from devastation. 

I didn’t think we could ever top that night. 

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A millage cap

On Friday, Mayor Gimenez announced that he would not veto the millage cap set by Commissioners on July 15.

This slight increase in the Library tax will allow the Library to operate at status quo, yet not provide for improvements that have been desperately needed since the drastic cuts that have happened in 2011. To serve a population of over 2 million, of over 2000+ square miles, with 49 branches, a .248 millage cap still underfunds the Library system.

However, there is no doubt that the outpouring of voices and individuals that descended on County Hall both in September 2013, and this year in July, ensured that our Elected Officials understand that slashing the Library budget again will mean dire consequences. 

As we look forward, we must ensure that out Commissioners do not back down on their words from two weeks ago. 


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Not what the community deserves

See our live tweets and pics from this day. 

Our day started very early at 7:30AM, with a read-a-thon at County Hall, even before County Hall itself had not opened.
Library advocates gathered for the read-a-thon and were finally let in to sign up to speak at around 8:50AM -- mere minutes before the Commissioners were to start the meeting.

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The latest 'plan' to 'save' libraries

In a few days, Mayor Gimenez will present his Budget plan to the Board of County Commissioners, so that they may discuss, amend as they see fit, and give preliminary approval to it on July 15 -- our impending D. Day, should the millage not be raised.

However, he has  announced a plan that would patch up the Libraries' fiscal crisis, but only at the expense of our County's infrastructure. 

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A letter from Bookleggers & CALM

Dear Booklover and Concerned Citizen, 
Some of you may have heard that the libraries in Miami are in danger. CALM and Bookleggers are cosigning this letter in hopes that you will listen and reach out, to us and the rest of the community. The situation is dire. 
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Proposed Charter 7 Amendment Town Hall @ NDR

Tonight's town hall regarding the Charter 7 amendment had few in attendance at North Dade Regional, yet those who spoke were mighty.

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For clarification.

News from this morning:

A petition to the Library's administration from the front line Library staff was delivered this morning, asking a meeting with administration for clarification on the critical issues facing our libraries, so that staff can better serve Miami-Dade residents and uphold the Library’s commitment to the community.

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What is it that they say?

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