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commented 2015-10-27 02:42:45 -0400

I see you’ve recommended to your visitors so I thought you might be interested in our infographic which provides a visual overview of the main programming languages and possible benefits of learning each one to help people make an informed decision. Please take a look at the resource here –

I wondered if you’d consider including this (or a reference to it) alongside the other resources on this page? –

I’d welcome your thoughts on our work and do let me know if you have any questions.

If you’d rather not hear from me again, just drop me an email and I’ll be sure to take you off of my list.

All the best,

commented 2014-08-30 17:58:40 -0400
commented 2014-07-06 21:37:06 -0400
With this, I am sending you a copy of a letter I posted yesterday after the latest Miami Herald editorial.

Feel free to reproduce it.

Best regards,

Soren Triff

I am surprised by the Miami Herald editorial on libraries; it gives the readers just two choices (cutting budget or paying more taxes) while all over the country people are solving this problem in many other positive ways.

For instance, public libraries are freeing space by offering electronic books while getting rid of books that have never being used. This new space can reduce their rent or taxes; the new space can be shared by other renters offering services the community requests like coffee shops, tutor centers, or school supply shops.

Libraries can generate income by offering some services to the public like renting the new space for private meetings or renting equipment; they can work in mutually beneficial ways with small businesses like day care centers or health services. These spaces can even be combined with our US Postal Service.

Finally, public libraries are successfully working with community college libraries sharing space and other resources.

Libraries are the heart of a community that needs to be pumped to a contemporary beat, not an obsolete appendix that needs to be removed. But it is up to the community leaders to come up with solutions. As a community newspaper, the Herald should work diligently in providing fast and reliable information to the community about solutions other cities are implementing every day. And if no leaders step in, then the paper should be the community strongest advocate for this worthy cause.

Soren Triff

Boston, Massachusetts
commented 2014-06-18 16:37:03 -0400
Hi! I received a form letter to sign and send to my Commissioner. It is asking them to restore the budget for libraries. I would like to find it on your web site. Is it there?
commented 2014-06-10 10:29:58 -0400
The link to find your commissioner is broken. The main commission page has a “Who is my commissioner” function that only needs your address.
commented 2014-04-14 20:31:35 -0400
Hello! I was wondering how well the petitioning outside the libraries have been going? Last Wednesday Elyse and I collected 3 pages of signatures at South Dade Regional. I plan on doing it again this Wednesday evening. However, the Calm FB page did not mention any other events going on. Thanks and you guys rock!
commented 2014-02-23 09:41:49 -0500
Thank you for posting a summary of Friday’s meeting via blog. Question about meeting which I attended via webcast.

Did I miss any discussion about potential library closings?
commented 2014-01-21 23:42:13 -0500
Thanks for posting the link to the survey. Makes it much easier to let people know how to get to the survey because It is not always easy to see on library website.
commented 2014-01-15 09:41:10 -0500
What does “host an event” include?
@nuevaondacuba tweeted link to this page. 2014-01-08 23:10:16 -0500
commented 2014-01-08 23:08:18 -0500
Tweeted site, will continue to.
Community Advocates for Libraries in Miami
CALM is a Political Action Committee to support maintaining & improving the Miami-Dade Public Library System. This page will be used for the dissemination of information on how to join our efforts, and how to have your voice heard by Elected Officials.